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Texas (TX) Lottery

Apart from providing excitement to lottery players, the Texas Lottery provides extensive financial help to Texas education.

The Texas Lottery has generated well over $14 billion for the state of Texas since 1992. Before 1997, the lottery proceeds were allocated to the General Revenue Fund. Since 1997, all Texas Lottery proceeds were transferred to the Foundation School Fund to support public education in Texas.

The Texas Lottery has contributed more than $9 billion to the Foundation School Fund, and of that total, more than $1 billion was contributed in fiscal year 2006. Other Texas Lottery funds such as unclaimed prizes revert back to the State for programs authorized by the Texas Legislature.

Texas (TX) Lottery Winners

The following are some of the numerous Texas Lottery winners:

  • Eduardo Oviedo of San Antonio won $250,000 on one of two promotional tickets he received from the Texas Lottery for having purchased $10-worth of Mega Millions tickets.

  • Calvin McFadden of Denison won a $32,769 top prize in the March 31 Cash Five drawing.

  • Ruth Opal Calame of Calvert won $250,000 for matching 5 of 5 numbers in the March 9 Mega Millions drawing.

  • Abel De la Torre of Stephenville claimed a $250,000 second-tier prize from the March 6 Mega Millions drawing.

  • Ifechukwude Jeffrey Iwelu of Sugar Land matched 5 of 5 numbers in the January 16 Mega Millions drawing. He also Megaplied his ticket for an extra dollar, and since the Megaplier number was 4, he increased his prize from $250,000 to $1 million!

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Texas (TX) Lottery Games

  • Lotto Texas
  • Mega Millions
  • Pick 3
  • Cash 5
  • Texas Two Step
  • Scratch-offs

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