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Australian Lottery

Lotteries in Australia include various lotto related products licensed by Australian lottery companies, comprising mainly of state government-owned corporations - New South Wales Lotteries, Golden Casket, South Australian Lotteries and Lotterywest - plus one private-sector company, Tattersalls, which operates in the states not covered by the state-owned operators.

Although the organizations are predominantly state-based, Australia has a number of national lottery games. These games are typically administered by one of the above companies, and syndicated through the Australian Lotto Bloc - an umbrella organisation consisting of the above lottery operators - with prize pools combined between states.

For example, Tattersalls administrates the Saturday Lotto (known as Tattslotto in its jurisdictions), Oz Lotto and Powerball games on behalf of the bloc. Similarly, South Australian Lotteries operate the Australian Soccer Pools, although the Soccer Pools bloc is technically related but separate. The bloc's member operators also market lottery games that run exclusively in its jurisdiction.

Australian lotteries are subject to many regulations, which generally vary from state to state. Lotteries products can only be bought by persons over the age of 18 years.

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