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Playwin is India's first and largest online gaming company. Playwin is brainchild of Subhash Chandra, the visionary media baron, who gave India its first Satellite channel - Zee TV (having 350 million viewers across 120 countries globally with 23 television channels spanning 8 spoken languages).

It is said that Playwin Games are very high tech and completely transparent. All games are played through highly sophisticated terminals and the draws are conducted through special draw machines, which are completely automatic. Moreover, all draws are shown on television and conducted in the presence of government officials.

Playwin offers completely computerized gaming format, easy playing rules, result draws on television, transparency in distributing prizes won, etc.

Currently, Playwin offers the consumer ten online games. These are:

  • Thursday Super lotto
  • Thunderball
  • Saturday Super lotto
  • Friday Easy Lotto
  • Lucky 3
  • Max 3
  • Keno
  • Fast Lotto
  • Joker
  • Joker 5.

All these games can be played through retailer terminals, and some are also available on the internet and through SMS.

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