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Montana (MT) Lottery

On November 1986, Legislative Referendum 100 (also known as the Montana State Lottery Act) passes by 69% of the popular vote, carrying each of the 56 counties. Montana becomes the 23rd state lottery in the United States. Lottery profits are to go the the Teachers Retirement Fund for the purpose of holding the line on or reducing property taxes.

On June 24, 1987, Montana Lottery's first Scratch game, Pot of Gold, went on sale. There were 1,047 Montana Lottery retailers at that time.

Then on April 19, 1992, Montana Lottery began the sale of Powerball Tickets. The multi-state game replaced Lotto America and offered nine ways to win, improved overall odds, and a larger jackpot.

Montana (MT) Lottery Winners

Since the start of the Montana Lottery, thousands have won and many have become millionaires. Click here for a comprehensive list of Montana Lottery winners.

Montana (MT) Lottery Games

  • Scratch Games
  • Powerball
  • Hot Lotto
  • Montana Cash
  • Wild Card
  • Qwik Tix

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