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Missouri (MO) Lottery

The Missouri Lottery was created in 1985, and since 1994 has used its proceeds to help fund the state's public education programs.

On January 20, 1986, the Missouri Lottery began the sale of its first instant game called "Jackpot 86". Barely a month later, on February 20, Johnie Magerl became Missouri Lottery's first millionaire when he won $2.1 million in the "Jackpot" wheel spin.

Missouri (MO) Lottery Winners

  • First Missouri Lottery Millionaire
    Johnnie Magerl (now deceased)
    Kansas City, Kan.
    Feb. 13, 1986
    Jackpot Wheel Spin

  • Largest Missouri Lottery Prize
    The Wilson Family
    St. Louis, MO
    Jan. 24, 2007
    $254 million

  • Oldest Missouri Lottery Millionaire
    Omer Williamson (now deceased)
    Fulton, MO
    Age 85 years, 187 days old when he won in January 1992
    Missouri Lotto

  • Youngest Missouri Lottery Millionaire
    Alicia Herrera
    Gladstone, MO
    Age 23 when won in March 1997
    $5 million
    Missouri Lotto

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Missouri (MO) Lottery Games

  • Powerball
  • Lotto
  • SHOW ME 5 Paydown
  • Pick 4
  • Pick 3
  • Club Keno
  • Scratchers
  • Pull-Tabs

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