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Illinois (IL) Lottery

The Illinois Lottery is the fourth largest revenue generator in the state and contributes more than half a billion dollars annually to the State of Illinois. In 2005, the Illinois Lottery had sales of $1.85 billion.

The Illinois Lottery is also one of the most cost efficient and profitable lotteries in the world, with operating expenses of only 3.3 percent of sales.

When the Illinois Lottery began in 1974, proceeds were not earmarked for education. In 1985, a law was enacted to deposit all Lottery profits in the state's Common School Fund (CSF), which helps finance K-12 public schools throughout Illinois. Lottery proceeds of $619 million in fiscal year 2005 represent about 9 percent of the state's contribution to schools - or 3 percent of the total $20.6 billion spent on education from all sources (state, local, and federal).

Since its inception, the Illinois Lottery has contributed nearly $13 billion to the state.

Illinois (IL) Lottery Winners

During Fiscal Year 2005, 18 players joined the list of Lottery millionaires, which registered 1,080 people at year's end.

The following are just some of the recent Illinois Lottery winners:

  • Steve Perolio of Fort Wayne, IN; Mary Wiseman and Clyde Wiseman of Godfrey, IL won the $12.25 million Lotto prize from the Sept, 30, 2006 drawing. The winning ticket was purchased at Jumpin' Jimmy's in Greenup.

  • James Neese is the sole winner of $3 million. He purchased purchased a $5 Lotto ticket at S. Jacksonville, IL.

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Illinois (IL) Lottery Games

  • Pick 'n Play
  • Mega Millions
  • Lotto
  • Little Lotto
  • Pick 3
  • Pick 4
  • Instant Games

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