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District of Columbia (DC) Lottery

Since D.C. Lottery's inception in 1982, total contribution has been over $1.3 billion to the District's General Fund.

The D.C. Lottery's annual transfer to the General Fund remains a vital component in aiding the city's economy, thereby benefiting all residents of the District of Columbia, as well as suburban commuters and tourists.

The General Fund supports services such as education, recreation and parks, public safety, housing, and senior and child services. The D.C. Lottery directly benefits its players by paying out more than 50 percent of annual sales in prize money.

D.C. Lottery also directly benefits local businesses by providing commissions to retailers licensed to sell D.C. Lottery games and offering contracting opportunities.

District of Columbia (DC) Lottery Winners

  • Thedros Wubet and his friends won $125,000 for playing DC-4 together.

  • Jesse Butler of Southeast, Washington, D.C. won $20,000 for playing DC-4 ticket.

  • Sandy Beckham won $30,000 for playing DC-4

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District of Columbia (DC) Lottery Games

  • DC Lucky Numbers
  • DC-4
  • Rolling Cash 5
  • DC Daily 6
  • Powerball
  • Hot Lotto
  • D.C. Scratchers
  • DC Keno

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